We are accepting applications for individuals who wish to to serve with Park County Rural Fire District #1. We keep applications on file for up to one year from submitted date.

Requirements include:
  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Completed training
  • Resident of Park County
  • Current Montana Driver's License

Please print application here and complete to submit to our office at Station #1 or email: canderson@parkcounty.org

Current Responders


401         Dann Babcox                 Chief

404         Chrisgin Anderson          Captain/EMT

405         Bob Emperley                Lieutenant/EMT

407         Kim Dell                        Lieutenant

408         Bryan Eastman              Lieutenant

411         Andy Mitchell                Firefighter

417         Dave Jupe                    Firefighter

420         Ashley Sites                  Firefighter

421         Hillary Berg                   Probationary Firefighter

423         Will Rotter                     Firefighter

430         James Harmonay           Probationary Fireghter        

431         Jack Newell                   Firefighter/EMT

432         Danielle Babcox             Probationary Firefighter

433         Elijah Nazari                  Firefighter-Resident

435         Ben Barnard                  Firefighter/EMT

438         Rick Mckiernan              Firefighter

441         Jordan Caoile                Firefighter/EMT        

446         Blake Riley                    Probationary Firefighter        

447         Addison Depuy              Firefighter/EMT-Resident

448         Ben Burden                   Firefighter